Tennessee - Reverse Seller Net Sheet

Will Seller pay for title policy?  
Property County  
Realtors Commission (%)  
Mortgage Payoff $
Second Mortgage Payoff $
Property Taxes Due $
Closing Fee $
Search Fee $
Courier Fee $
Verification Service Fee $
Payoff Handling Fee $
Document Storage Fee $
Attorney Fee $
Special Assessment $
Administrative Processing Fee $
Home Warranty $
Seller Paid Closing Costs $
FHA or VA Seller Paid Fees $
Attorney Fee (Seller's) $
HOA Fees $
Misc. Costs to seller $
Credits Due Seller: $
Desired Seller Net Proceeds  $
Sale Price of Property  
Total Costs
Calculated Seller Net Proceeds
Total Fixed Costs:
Seller Paid Title Insurance
Realtors Commission

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